Monday, January 26, 2015

First Round Mock Draft 1.0

With the first pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select...well that's a good question that we don't know yet.  However, I decided to go through and do my own mock draft on this blog and give you my analysis with each pick.

1.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  QB Jameis Winston/ Florida State
A lot can be said about Marcus Mariota but Winston is the most NFL ready quarterback in this draft.  On top of that, the Buccaneers really don't have an effective quarterback on their roster.  Since they have the first overall pick, it's a good idea to take Winston and give Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson a quarterback.

2.  Tennessee Titans:  DT Leonard Williams/ USC
Why pass on Mariota here?  Well I think Tennessee is going to go all in on Zach Mettenberger so now that leaves the question as to who you take here.  Leonard Williams is the best player in this draft and the Titans need to revamp that defensive line.  Drafting Williams here is a good way to start.

3.  Jacksonville Jaguars:  DE Randy Gregory/ Nebraska
Again, the Jaguars are stuck in a situation where they should take the best available player and that is Randy Gregory.  This guy is going to be a playmaker at the next level and its truly something the Jaguars could use.

4.  Oakland Raiders:  WR Amari Cooper/ Alabama
The Raiders obviously need a lot but a receiver is a good place to start.  Last year they drafted their quarterback in Derek Carr out of Fresno State but now this year, they need to draft a franchise receiver for their franchise quarterback.  Cooper all the way here.

5.  Washington Redskins:  OT Brandon Scherff/ Iowa
The Redskins need a ton of positions but an offensive tackle is a must for them.  They have Trent Williams but no one else on the line can protect their quarterback, whether that be RGIII or whoever.  Scherff is a great pick for the Redskins.

6.  New York Jets:  QB Marcus Mariota/ Oregon
Finally, after the first five teams pass on him, Mariota goes to the Jets.  I'm not sure if this will be a good thing or not but I do know there is no way Mariota will fall past this point.  There has been a lot of talk about the Eagles trading up to get Mariota but they would probably have to get the number two pick just because of the risk that the Titans can take Mariota.  With that being said, Mariota would be a perfect fit for the Jets as they need to rebuild around a good quarterback.

7.  Chicago Bears:  SS Landon Collins/ Alabama
The Bears can go a lot of different areas but safety is the best bet for them here.  Landon Collins may not be a playmaker at the next level but he certainly will be a solid strong safety in which the Bears would get instantly stronger at that position.  It's hard for me to see the Bears passing on Collins if he is still on the board.

8.  Atlanta Falcons:  DE Shane Rey/ Missouri
The Falcons need a lot of different positions but the two most important for them are pass rusher and offensive tackle and by drafting Shane Rey, you fill a big need.  Rey is going to be a stud at the next level and Atlanta won't pass on him if he's still on the board.  Atlanta is in a good spot because they can see who goes where before they pick.

9.  New York Giants:  DE Dante Fowler Jr./ Florida
The Giants almost have identical needs to the Falcons.  They were unable to protect Eli Manning a year ago and they could really use a tackle but their pass rush was so bad last year.  If a guy like Fowler is still on the board and the Giants have a chance to snag him, they have to do it.  He will add a lot of pass rush and make this defense much better.

10.  St. Louis Rams:  WR DeVante Parker/ Louisville
I don't know why a lot of analyst forget that the Rams still haven't really filled that receiver void for Sam Bradford.  They thought they did when the drafted Tavon Austin but to this point, Austin hasn't produced like they had hoped.  Here's a good chance to pick up a stud receiver in DeVante Parker and give Bradford a good receiver.

11.  Minnesota Vikings:  OLB Shaq Thompson/ Washington
The Vikings could go offensive line here but I think they pass and go back to the defensive side of the ball.  Thompson will be a nice compliment to Anthony Barr who the Vikings took a year ago out of UCLA.  With the Vikings still needing more linebackers, Thompson seems like a great fit here.

12.  Cleveland Browns:  OLB Vic Beasley/ Clemson
Speaking of a team in need of pass rush, the Cleveland Browns really need help in that category.  They have a lot of good chances in this draft but this is their first.  Beasley can flat out rush the quarterback and he is a great 3-4 guy who will fit their system.  The Browns getting Beasley would be a perfect fit for them here.

13.  New Orleans Saints:  CB Trae Waynes/ Michigan State
This is right around the point where I expect the first corner to go.  Trae Waynes has been flying up draft boards as of late and the reason being is because he has transformed himself into the best corner in this draft.  The Saints have no good corners whatsoever and picking Waynes makes so much sense.  The last time the Saints went corner in the first round was Patrick Robinson out of LSU, who ended up really being a bust.  They need to fill the need of that position here.

14.  Miami Dolphins:  OT T.J. Clemmings/ Pittsburgh
Speaking of a guy flying up draft boards, T.J. Clemmings has really come on to the scene as of late.  Here's a guy who has mainly played right tackle in college and is perfect for the Dolphins.  JuWuan James has really filled that left tackle role for the Dolphins but they still need protection on the other side of Tannehill.  Clemmings would be the perfect guy for Miami here at 14 if he is available.

15.  San Francisco 49ers:  CB Marcus Peters/ Washington
The 49ers are in desperate need of corner help and Peters seems like a no brainer to me here.  If Peters wasn't kicked off the team, he would be a top pick in this draft but he was and now he has dropped a little bit.  However, he is still exactly what you want in a corner and the perfect fit for the Niners.

16.  Houston Texans:  OT La'el Collins/ LSU
The Texans really do need a quarterback but an even bigger need for them is offensive tackle.  They will more than likely re-sign Ryan Mallett so drafting Collins here gives Mallett better protection since they really struggled on the offensive line this year.  Collins can play tackle or guard for you and this is a good pick for them.

17.  San Diego Chargers:  DT Danny Shelton/ Washington
It seems like I can talk about rising stars in this draft all day but Shelton is one of them.  His weight may be a concern but he is extremely explosive for his size.  That is something the Chargers are missing and they are missing a good Nose Tackle.  Danny Shelton makes the most since here and I would not pass on him if he's on the board.

18.  Kansas City Chiefs:  WR Kevin White/ West Virginia
Not to be confused with TCU corner Kevin White, wide receiver Kevin White from West Virginia is truly a top receiver prospect in this draft.  And who needs a receiver more than the Chiefs?  Remember, not one touchdown catch last year for the Chiefs was by a wide receiver.  That's because they don't have any wide receivers.  Kevin White would be a great pick and will probably help allow for Dwayne Bowe to get open more.

19.  Cleveland Browns (Trade with Buffalo Bills):  DT Eddie Goldman/ Florida State
Eddie Goldman is one heck of a football player.  While he may not have the explosiveness that Shelton has, he certainly finds ways to be around the ball.  He's great at stopping the run and was a huge part of Florida State's successful defense the last two years.  The Browns could really use another addition to that weak defensive front and Goldman fits perfectly.

20.  Philadelphia Eagles:  CB Ifo Ekpre-Olomu/ Oregon
Well this should really have an asterisk by it because the Eagles may seriously try and trade up for Mariota.  However, if they don't get him, I could see them getting his Oregon teammate, corner Ifo Ekpre-Olomu.  While Ekpre-Olomu has dropped in the draft, he still will be a good first round corner and is really a good fit for a need the Eagles have.  On top of that, why not reunite him with Chip Kelly.

21.  Cincinnati Bengals:  DE Alvin "Bud" Dupree/ Kentucky
The Bengals have two flaws; they have no second wide receiver and they have no pass rush.  I think at this point in the draft, with three good wide receivers already gone, they should fill the pass rush need and they should do that with Bud Dupree from Kentucky.  This guy can flat out play and he's extremely explosive off the ball.  Dupree is a talent you can't pass on if your Cincinnati and is a great fit for them.

22.  Pittsburgh Steelers:  OT Andrus Peat/ Stanford
While the Steelers really need secondary help,  they also really need to protect Big Ben once he gets his contract.  They really have no top notch tackles and they could really use one.  Andrus Peat is dropping on draft boards but will still be a late first round pick.  I don't see how the Steelers can pass on a pretty intriguing prospect in Andrus Peat at 22.

23.  Detroit Lions:  OT Ereck Flowers/ Miami (FL)
Ironically enough, the Lions could also use a tackle.  Last year, the Lions were really playing right tackle by committee and this is not something they can do again this year.  With the top two defensive tackles, Shelton and Goldman, gone already, the Lions should take a tackle to fill that right tackle position.  Even though a deal may get done to keep Suh in Detroit, it's not a good time to address that position at this point in the draft.  Ereck Flowers would be a great pick for the Lions to fill their right tackle need.

24.  Arizona Cardinals:  HB Melvin Gordon/ Wisconsin
While I'm not a fan of taking a running back in the first round, this is one team that could sure use a good one.  Melvin Gordon was the best running back in college football last year and honestly he can help put the Cardinals over the top.  He's an explosive runner and will help boost that 3-yard per carry problem they have an Arizona.  With Gordon and Ellington, the Cardinals can develop an extremely explosive run game.

25.  Carolina Panthers:  CB Kevin Johnson/ Wake Forest
Tough spot for Carolina to pick considering they could really use an offensive lineman here.  However, there really aren't any first round caliber offensive tackles left so its a good idea for them to look at their other needs.  They do need pass rush but they also really need secondary help.  While their young defense played good down the stretch, it was mainly thanks to their linebacker play.  They  could use some corner help and Kevin Johnson is another guy you want in a corner.  He's got all the tools and would be a gem if he went to Carolina.

26.  Baltimore Ravens:  HB Todd Gurley/ Georgia
Some teams rely a lot on their offense and the Ravens are one of those teams.  While he probably won't be drafted ahead of Gordon due to his injury, Todd Gurley will be an absolute powerhouse at the next level.  If the Ravens can get an explosive back like Gurley, I wouldn't pass on him if I were them.  While they have other needs, their in a good position to take him.

27.  Dallas Cowboys:  DT Michael Bennett/ Ohio State
When you look at the Cowboys, they don't really have an explosive interior defensive lineman.  While their defensive ends played really well this year, they need a defensive tackle to play the interior in their 4-3 scheme.  Michael Bennett is a great pick for them.  While they could pick Malcom Brown, Michael Bennett makes more sense for their scheme and for the team as a whole.

28.  Denver Broncos:  WR Jaelen Strong/ Arizona State
The Broncos need to do something about Thomas and Thomas leaving for free agency.  In fact, if Demarryius Thomas wants too much money, I wouldn't bother signing him if I were them.  They drafted Cody Latimer a year ago and by adding Jaelen Strong, they would have two good, young receivers.  Plus add him to a guy they picked up in free agency, Emmauel Sanders, and your receiving core remains pretty good.

29.  Indianapolis Colts:  DT Malcom Brown/ Texas
Much like the Panthers, the Colts are in a bad position.  They could really use an offensive lineman but again, the first round caliber offensive lineman are gone.  So why not take another need in the nose tackle position and take Malcom Brown.  Here's a guy that can immediately boost the defensive line pressure for the Colts and do a much better job at stopping the run then what they Colts have had this year.

30.  Green Bay Packers:  MLB Benardrick McKinney/ Mississippi State
This to me is a no brainer.  The Packers are only a couple positions away from going back to the big game and McKinney will help with that.  The one position they really lacked in this year was middle linebacker with A.J. Hawk and Brad Jones seeing limited time and Sam Barrington seeing most of the snaps.  They need to find a good middle linebacker and McKinney is a good one.

31.  New England Patriots:  WR Dorial Green-Beckham/ Oklahoma
Dorial Green-Beckham hasn't played much football the past couple of years but when he has, he's been quite the talent.  If their is any team who could use a tall, lengthy receiver, its the Patriots.  Green-Beckham could make a run for rookie of the year if he ended up here and could be an instant playmaker.

32.  Seattle Seahawks:  WR Devin Funchess/ Michigan
The Seahawks have a no brainer pick here.  They traded away their best receiver in Percy Harvin and really need to add to their receiving core.  Funchess is moving up draft boards and since moving from tight end to receiver, has really been effective.  He's a talent that they could use down in Seattle and I think Russell Wilson would like this very much.

So their is my first mock draft.  I hope you guys liked it.  I've been working on this for quite some time now and it isn't as easy as one may think.  However, this years draft will be exciting and as a fan of the Packers who are eliminated from the playoffs, I can't wait for the draft.

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